Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The First Post

I just learned how shockingly easy it is to create a blog.  Little egalitarian digital soapboxes.  How fun.  

So a little introduction is in order I think before I just start publishing my random thoughts and art for the voyeuristic world to peer at.  I'm an artist...a painter, scientific illustrator, grudgingly a graphic designer, printmaker, and sometimes venture into the 3D world too.  I'm thinking that a blog will be a good place to talk about what I'm creating, where I'm showing my work, who I'm working with, and generally rave about what floats my boat and sinks my battleships.

Why "The Tree with the Lights in it?"  Here's the etching, there's a story too.  First, my parents had a golden delicious apple tree in their backyard when I was growing up in upstate NY.  Every fall when the leaves fell off, the apples stayed on the branches well into the early snowfall.  In the early November dusk, they glowed like little lanterns.  One of my favorite authors is Annie Dillard, and in her fine book Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, she tells a tale about a young girl who was born blind, but regains her sight through an operation.  She goes out into the peach orchard, identifies a tree by touching it, then looks up and sees the fruit..."The tree with the lights in it!" she proclaims.  I can relate to this story, not only for the physical connection to the apple tree of my youth, but the greater metaphysical tale it tells of seeing the world with fresh eyes and a new perspective.

(By the way, this etching edition is long sold out, but a notecard of it is available through my website.)

More soon, I have work to do now.