Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ghost chickens and blue paint

No snappy photos for you today, sorry!  I thought about posting a shot of the bleak grey and brown world that is my driveway and view from my window, but am choosing not to.  If it's not going to be snowy and bright and ski-able, I'm not going to acknowledge winter.  Instead I am inside basking in the glow of my gorgeous new Happy Light (to combat SAD...clever name, no?), trolling online for cheap tickets back to Hawaii, and cranking up the wood stove until it's 75 in the living room.

I've had a couple of fun and interesting dreams lately.  First, a few nights ago I dreamed that the former garage at my parents' house (now converted to my Dad's country store) was suddenly a chicken coop.  And SURPRISE, all my chickens that have gone missing over the years were there!  Including the three who were eaten by a phantom fox or abducted by aliens a few weeks ago, and also Harold the rooster had come back to life. 

Second, last night I dreamed I was wandering around London, over in the northwest neighborhood where I used to live when I interned at Kew Gardens.  I had a bucket of blue paint, and I was painting over all the yellow paint on the curbs.  Somehow having this bucket of paint was my disguise to fit in and look purposeful, because I was actually a little lost and trying to find my friends Dave and Ann's house, which in my dream was a few blocks away (rather than in Cumbria) but I didn't quite remember how the streets went because it had been a long time since I lived there.  There was also a big football (read: soccer) game happening in the park.  Random, but interesting.  I do like blue paint.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Painting shoes like a house a'fire

Or something like that.

Here's yet another pair of bespoke footwear creations (Wingtip is paying the mortgage this month):

Winter is being very coy this year.  Temperatures above freezing, no snow in the high hills where I like to go skiing, enough sunshine that I haven't gone completely comatose.  I'm considering doing a snow dance out in the back woods, in hopes of a good exciting blizzard and decent ski conditions.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

You know you still want a pair, right?

I've been saying all along that in January I'll really get going again on my Wingtip business.  The belts I posted last time, and now these hot-off-the-press Danskos attest to the fact that the year is starting off well.  These were another bespoke project, and I think they turned out mighty fine.  There are three more pairs of bespoke shoes lined up awaiting attention.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New year, new belts

Coming out of my slump of slothfulness, and ready to tackle the new year.  One of my winter goals is to expand my Wingtip business, so let's start that off right with a couple of new belts.  They are both available on my Etsy site.