Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bend it like Beckham


As you know, especially if you read my last post, I am a minor deity in the pantheon of specious gods and goddesses.  That's right, I am the rutabaga goddess (I'm lobbying to represent all root vegetables, but am not sure that will work out) in the yearly Ithaca Farmers' Market Rutabaga Curling Championship.  Also every year, a gentleman named Jerry Feist takes a lot of great photos of the event.  I like this one, where I'm trying to nudge my 'baga by the force of will to be closer to the goal.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Sloth and Indolence

It's the day after Christmas, and I had all these visions of productivity and cleaning and organizing.  However,  I sat down in this chair (the Adirondack chair with the sheepskin) in front of the wood stove (the cute little warm efficient Jotul with the big glass front) for a late breakfast (delicious scrambled eggs from my happy hens, with greens and salsa and GF toast and a cuppa tea) with my book (not worth mentioning but readable enough)...and I find that I realllllly don't want to move.  I think I'll take the day off, and get back to the rest of life tomorrow.  It will still be there waiting.

The day after Christmas is one of my favorite days of the year.  December, also known as the month of Dismember, is rife with holiday craft fairs and getting orders in the mail, and running back and forth to the printer, and fielding emails about special orders, and dragging carloads of display structures back and forth, and working in the temporary cooperative store downtown.  Throw in some cold market days, being the Rutabaga Goddess at the Rutabaga Curl, several fun houseguests, gift shopping, and all of the festive family-ness that happens around the holidays, and you have a heady cocktail that tastes great, but will leave you dragging the next morning.  I'm working around to a metaphor here, something about having a holiday hangover....ANYWAY, it was a great and profitable season, but now I'm taking the day OFF. 

Meanwhile, my paintings are still hanging at the Bandwagon Brewpub, here in Ithaca.  A couple of them have sold (huzzah!)...including my favorite:
It's called "Migration," and painted with acrylics and gel medium on a lovely walnut board I've been looking at for about a year.  It's about 7 feet long.  This photo is a little rough what with the glare from the flash on the shiny gel medium.  You can also see a small watercolor, called "Solstice," which just happens to be available as a notecard.

I have decided not to travel to the tropics this winter.  In one way I'm pleased to be able to just hang out at home and work on my Wingtip business and get some skiing in, but on the other hand I know that around mid-January I will be sad to not be heading out.  I'll miss Thailand, but will make a point of getting back there sometime soon before I forgot how to speak Thai.

Time for more tea.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Objects of Art + Spirit

Just quick, before I head down to the basement and pack up even more cards and calendars.  For your shopping pleasure, all you Ithacats, here's a little show I'll be participating in today and tomorrow at the lovely Rasa Spa.  Art, clothing, jewelry, herbal care products...all local and handmade.  Plus a chance to browse Rasa's gift shop, which is also full of treats.