Friday, February 26, 2010

Internal compass

I can't really imagine more of a contrast than where I am right now compared to where I was on Monday. Back home, jetlagged and sick, just shoveled out about 20 inches of snow (with drifts up to my shoulders) and not really sure what day or time it is. My internal compass is all out of line. Definitely not in the tropics anymore, that's for sure.

Was a long trip home. I lost my voice to laryngitis right before leaving. That made me silent when it came to being able to ask questions about which line to be in, but not silent in terms of coughing and sniffling and generally making myself unpopular with my airplane neighbors. Long overnight wait in Bangkok, super long lines, extra security measures (my carry-on was hand searched twice), no time to get snacks because of the long lines, what euphemistically used to be referred to as "female complaints," a ticklish cough, and one last delayed flight at the end. All around a 39 hour transition from one side of the world to the other. Of course, it's downright miraculous to be able to travel that far in such a short time, but still very hard on the body.

The sketchbook class I was going to teach in Philadelphia was postponed due to a pending storm, so I scooted out to Ithaca just before it hit. It's good to be home, but hard to get my mind around the culture and weather change, and I will not be fit company for a few days.

Here's one last photo from Thailand, taken on my last Sunday evening Walking Street adventure. This is Wat Chedi Luang, under the moon, right in the middle of the old city. It was historically the tallest chedi in Thailand before an earthquake (I think) took down the top part.

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Gary's third pottery blog said...

39 hours! Oh Christi. Just glad you aren't stuck in Philly. Bet le cats are glad to have you back :)