Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Days in the life

Just in case anyone thinks that self-employed artists laze around all day eating bonbons and painting in the sunshine, as opposed to actually "working," here's what my last few days have entailed:

Errand day.  After a few hours in the morning dealing with emails, phone calls and other desky business stuff such as accounting, plus a gigantic pile of weekend dishes and laundry, I headed out for errands.  Went to the post office (mailing an order), the bank (deposit from weekend market), and finally put some gas in the tank after finally making a little money on the weekend.  Then proceeded to Rasa Spa, where I dropped off some notecards for their gift shop, and also shuffled around a few paintings at my show there.  Then off to Greenstar, to do notecard inventory because they are looking to increase my shelf space (hurrah!).  Then a stop at the newly re-opened Buffalo St. Books to drop off my latest card catalog (isn't it great they're open again!?), followed by walking to the Commons to drop off a notecard order at Home Green Home.  Then a quick stop at Trader K's to troll for shoes for painting, had a few specific sizes to look for, and then dropped off a huge pile of books at the library.  Several of those books were about Japanese kimono design, since I've been studying Japanese patterns and motifs as shoe inspiration.  Stopped by my favorite trail for a 3.5 mile run on the way home.  Then I spent a few hours painting shoes before heading out to my evening capoeira class.

Spent several hours in the morning painting shoes, then took a little trip over to Gary's for art gossip and to collect some notecard inventory he had picked up for me at a gallery I was in.  It was finally a gorgeous day, so then I spent the rest of the afternoon on my porch with my computer, making a wee promotional brochure for Wingtip.  I also worked on a new version of my notecard catalog, because I have some new designs and haven't updated it in a while.  A big thunderstorm came through, and I took some time to make dinner and enjoy the storm with a beverage on the porch.  Then a little more shoe painting before calling it an early night (tired).

Well, it's just beginning, but here's what's on tap.  First a little accounting and desky stuff, a wedding announcement preliminary samples, getting a card order together for Greenstar, an afternoon run, and I have three pairs of shoes in various stages of painting...I hope to finish one special order today, and also finish a pair for my Etsy site.

So I'm going to get back to it.  I like this level of busy-ness, full of purpose and all about art.

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Gary's third pottery blog said...

C---them shoes up top with the blossoms? NIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE! And I have been eating bonbons all morning, what is wrong with YOU?