Friday, March 2, 2012

Put a bird on it!

I know I'm coming to "Portlandia" a little later than the rest of the hip world.  But then I came to Netflix a LOT later than everyone else...and the combination of this factors brings me to share these clips with you. 

Portlandia is a show about Portland, OR, organic hipster central.  I live in Ithaca, which is a smaller, east-coast version of this phenomenon, home of the bumper sticker that says "Ithaca, NY: 10 square miles surrounded by reality."  So let's dive in.

First, the free-range chicken sketch.  I find this particularly apt, as I am a member of the farmers' market AND a server at a pub that serves really tasty, very local food.

And one more.  I'm completely guilty of this!  And, it WORKS, people love birds on things.

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