Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not-so-skill saw

I got this beautiful maple board at a local wood place, with sap tap holes and everything. This tree must have been huge! I decided to make it into two manageable boards for paintings instead of one gigantic 9-foot extravaganza that wouldn't fit in my car. So my dad brought over his skill saw and let me go at it. Like any independently-minded young woman worth her salt, I get kind of a kick out of my occasional brush with power tools. I cut a fairly straight line with a minimum of smoke.

So, paintings need to be happening over here at Christi's house for my July show. So far I've managed to clean the whole house and plant and fence the garden in a frantic bid to procrastinate. But I do have some good sketches and ideas and am just waiting for a sunny energetic day.

Please note that the classy toilet seat in the background is not there for decoration, it's the last vestige of last week's home improvement project and it is now gone.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Toilet seat = arty picture frame??????

JE said...

Christi - you should have saved the toilet seat for Forked Lake!