Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Time for a shameless self-promotional commercial plug!  My 2012 calendars are done, and will be available very, very soon at markets and on websites near you.  There will be two sizes: a small version for the desktop calendar that fits in a cd case stand...
...and a larger version that can hang on the wall and has space for writing.

I used pages from my travel sketchbooks, so there are pencil and pen and watercolor sketches from the Adirondacks, Thailand, Yosemite, Japan, Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest, etc, even a page with fall colors from right around here in upstate NY.  It was pretty fun to put them together, especially because each page is different, and am looking forward to seeing people's reactions.

Having the calendar done is a huge load off my plate.  As I always say, we're entering the season where I lose all touch with reality in the quest for commercial viability, also known as The Christmas Season.  Or, in pop culture parlance: "Time to make the donuts."

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