Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The weird wide web

You never know what you'll find in the weird wide web these days.  I was just trolling around in my Wingtip Etsy stats this morning, to see how people are finding my site and all that good stuff, and I found a link to my shop in someone else's blog.  This person was writing restaurant reviews, and apparently I waited on their table...heehee, this makes my day!  I will continue to build the spiderweb by linking back to their blog.  Plus you can read about the food and drink at my working-for-travel-funds job.

Speaking of my pub job, it's going well.  I've stopped having stressful waitressing nightmares, and am settling in to rather enjoying the change of pace a few nights per week.  I like being friendly to people and being a little anonymous and getting my tables to laugh.  I appreciate the exercise it gives my short-term memory and the zen-like focus of being 100% in the moment.  And I love going home and not having to think one little bit about the job until next time I go in...when I am once again 100% there.  Remember folks, tip your servers generously!

Otherwise, it's early September and the skies are already grey.  Yesterday (Labor Day) was a much-needed rest from my labors...I took the time to cook a lot (GF blueberry muffins, red pepper chipotle hummus, and potato-leek soup), finish a book, overdose on the mind candy of some Jeeves and Wooster episodes, slouch around in pj's, and listen to the big rain and be thankful I didn't have to go outside in it.  Today I am beginning to think about the approaching Christmas season, will be mucking about with some website content, and planning the paintings for my 2012 calendar.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is Celeste's BLOG!!!! Celeste is a good friend of maude's.....dang...small world we live in, eh? :)

Christi said...

Smaller all the time, that's very funny!