Monday, April 13, 2009

Kew Gardens oak tree

It's Monday morning, when I make my lists and assess the week ahead as I drink my morning tea.  It looks to a rather full week.  Freelance projects and market work has been sneaking up on me, and multiplying like rabbits when I haven't been looking.  

Here's a linoleum block print I made last fall, using two blocks.  The tree image this time comes from some sketches from Kew Gardens, made when I was in London last spring.  Kew is an amazing place  with a rich history, and I am extra fond of it because it's where I did my botanical illustration internship.

Linoleum block printing is a fun, very low-tech means of printmaking.  I played with it a lot during the patient months of waiting for the etching press (not low-tech) to arrive.  You can even make prints in this style using styrofoam and a ballpoint pen to score the lines.

Alright, off to actually tackle the weekly list instead of just looking at it.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Oh, just lovely Christi, beautiful.
You and Benji need to visit again soon!

Christi said...

Gary! Thanks! I know, definitely want to visit again, we've talked about it...maybe later this week? And yes, my awesome housemates had a baby, pretty exciting.

DSonke said...

Were you at Kew professionally again, or was it a fun visit?