Monday, April 20, 2009

Put your coffee cup on it

I just realized that I have been remiss by not yet promoting a cool local business that has been one of my creative partners for the last few years.  Loudeac Tile Studio, operated by Jean and Phil from Newfield, print art on ceramic and stone tiles.  Which includes my art...among several other local artists of all sorts, and classics like William Morris.  Here's their website and their blog, check them out!  You can order several sizes and surfaces, tiles for coasters or trivets or wall art or even tile murals. What the heck, tile your bathroom with a million little Star Trees if you can stand it.

Also, they recently opened a store in Collegetown called Magpie Gallery, tucked in a side street near the main intersection of Dryden Rd and College Ave, right near that yummy Vietnamese restaurant.  Lots of lovely things, shiny objects for your inner magpie.


Jen, Murray, Natalie and Samuel said...

Cool Christi! I love the tiles you sent out last year. And I love hearing about your life through this blog. Keep it up!

Woolpack Dave said...

They look good.