Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Welcome to the world of Etsy

Hey, after all the talk, I'm finally on Etsy!  I just posted my first few items for sale, concentrating on some notecard sets.  But eager to add more things over this next week, as I continue to sort out how to get some good photos etc.  Here is my set of wee gift cards.

Check it out here!
Or more directly, the website is christisobel.etsy.com.  And tell your friends...and check back often because there will be lots more on there soon...

Otherwise, it seems that when the summer season really hits, my blog suffers as I become busier with such things as:
a) working frantically on keeping my farmers' market booth fully stocked 
b) continuing with the freelance projects, which just ramped up again
c) summer also equals wedding announcement work for all those happy couples!
d) having fun outside!  storing some rare Ithaca sunshine in my bones for the winter

(What is Etsy, you ask?  It's an online marketplace for artisans like me, there are tons and tons of interesting things on there, from clothing to pottery to toys to soaps to original art to vintage items, etc etc.  I just purchased a couple of catnip toys shaped like eyeballs, for example.)

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