Monday, August 10, 2009

Talk about the weather

ARGH!  When I strolled out to let the chickens out this morning, I saw that my poor little veggie garden was half-flattened by that big rain storm last night!  Tomatoes were toppled, the lone surviving sunflower was on its side, the nasturtiums were no longer perky...I didn't look any further, but it seems that the gigantic thyme plant is the only thing that survived.  A cautious glance towards the flower bed was fairly discouraging too.  The garden has already been hit hard by rabbits, chickens, a huge groundhog, and too much rain.  It's been an odd summer in Ithaca, mostly kind of chilly and rainy.  Oh wait, it's ITHACA...of course it's chilly and rainy!  I only have a tan this summer because I went to California.

Yesterday afternoon, around 2:30 which is almost closing time for the market, a huge storm came sweeping down the lake and directly into our pavilion.  Fortunately I saw it coming and got the vulnerable unpackaged cards put away and some of the more wobbly displays, and our esteemed market manager came by with a giant tarp to throw over the rest of my display.  It was pretty spectacular though, tons of water coming in sideways and vendors scrambling to get their wares under cover.

Otherwise, it continues busy here, and summer (such as it is) is flying by.  My nieces from Oregon are visiting for 2 weeks, and we're having a good time.  Getting blueberries in the freezer.  A lot of card orders have been coming in (hurrah!), and I have a couple of biggish freelance projects on tap.

Here's a photo from California, blue skies with puffy clouds to balance out Ithaca's low grey ceiling.

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JE said...

Your "ARGH" must be coming from your inner pirate and reading all those sea-faring novels.