Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wee watercolor book

It's a whirlwind around here!  Haven't had a chance to turn around, let alone make a blog entry, since returning from Cali a week ago.  A week already?!?!  I really miss being there.  The Artists' Market was fun and successful, lovely down there on the Cayuga Lake waterfront in the evening, and tons of people turned out to shop and check out the art.  My canoe and I took another quick trip to the Adirondacks too, my annual college-friends-camping trip.  Beyond that, I'll just say it's been mad busy rather than give you a tedious list.  

BUT!  Here are some pages from my travel sketchbook from my Yosemite trip!  In the last few years I've discovered the pleasure of taking a wee sketchbook and watercolors along when traveling, and not trying too hard to make perfect complete paintings.  The latest incarnation of my travel kit contains a small Moleskine watercolor book (3x5 inches), a folding watercolor palette (holds colors from tubes), a small container for water, a nifty travel brush whose handle comes apart to make a very pleasing self-contained holder that protects the bristles, my favorite technical pencil, and a couple of brush-tip markers in shades of grey and brown.  These pages are views and trees from around Vogelsang.  


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...
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Mark Reep said...

I especially like the middle one, so bold and dramatic. Great Yosemite photo too.

JE said...

The middle image looks like there is a mountain goat spirit living in the tree stump with its head turned away.