Monday, December 14, 2009


So I just stopped by my computer for a minute to see if I had any exciting email, and Nebraska (cat, not geographic location) got on my lap and so now I'm trapped here for a moment, and may as well make a short blog entry. Been meaning to do that anyway...

Just crawled out of a rough week. My cold is mostly gone and I feel like my usual energetic self, and I might even start answering the phone again soon. Only one more market to go for the season. Special orders are tapering off, seems like all stores are well stocked with my cards. My calendars are running low! Loads of houseguests! A looming birthday! And in a week, I fly to Oregon to spend the holidays with the west coast contingent of my family, including lots of time at my brother's pub.

The time has come to start thinking about making my crown for the Rutabaga Curl...which I will explain later since it deserves its own entry. Are you intrigued?

And since blogs are all about peering into the minutiae of people's lives, I'll let you know that I have some lovely-smelling butternut squash soup cooking on the stove right now. I make it with Thai red curry spices and coconut milk and leeks. Mmmmm-hmmm.