Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rumors of Thailand

Some rumors might be trickling out that I'm planning some crazy adventure to Thailand, and I'm here to substantiate those tales. My dear friend Laura works there for a cool organization, the International Sustainable Development Studies Institute, and I'm heading there for about 5 weeks to do some illustration and design work for them! This is just what I need for a fine winter adventure, and I can't wait to see Laura, and eat lots and lots of Thai food.

I feel very fortunate to once again to use my art skills for the greater environmental good.

I fly in less than two weeks, so am starting to panic a little about all that needs to happen before then...


Gary's third pottery blog said...

FIVE WEEKS!!! Christi, gotta try to see you first :)

Anonymous said...

congrats christi, i saw at gary's that you were going... wow! 5 weeks of thai cuisine and the friendly natives. lucky you. have fun