Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tsunamis in my dreams

I dream about the ocean a lot. Usually I am on the shore, watching the horizon for big waves and feeling very pleased as they wash in on the beach, often right to my feet, or over the building I'm in but in an exciting and friendly way. I love those dreams, they're full of well-being and beauty and adventure. It's a little like the fishbone imagery I keep painting...someday I'll figure out what it means but meanwhile I just know that it's significant.

But last night I went to sleep after hearing about the earthquake in Haiti, which devastated Port-au-Prince. I lived in Haiti briefly several years ago, where the lessons in poverty and positivity would break even the hardest person. I made sure that my friends who live there were safe (they are, thank God)...but there are so many other people, and so many struggles the country faces already.

I dreamed about tsunamis. As usual, the waves were giant on the horizon and I was happy to see them, but then it became apparent that these waves were very large and unstoppable and without mercy. They were not going to play around my feet, they were going right over me and taking me with them. It was very scary.