Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Groundhog day

Yesterday when I walked out of the house in the late morning, I got that first intoxicating teasing sniff of spring...that lovely damp-earth-emerging smell.  The sun was out.  Chickadees were chirping their spring songs.  The chickens were really perky.  I know I know, it's only mid-February, and in Ithaca we can expect at least another solid month of cold bleakness, and most of the really huge blizzards I have experienced here have all come in March or April, so I'm restraining myself from getting too giddy.  BUT here's one small outburst from this Seasonal Affect Disorder sufferer... ohmyGOSHican'twaituntilit'sSPRINGandicangooutsidewithoutacoatandgorunningandseeGREENagainandmaybesunshinetooandopenmywindowsyesyesYES!!!!!!

Later, driving home, I caught another whiff of spring.  A fresh skunk out on Rt. 79.  mmmm.

Tonight it's snowing and my capoeira class was just cancelled due to scary roads.

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Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

hard to be perky with the weather and the predictions for the next few days! but see ya later...