Friday, February 6, 2009

Schmoozing in the local art scene

It's going to be an art-filled weekend in our wee metropolis.  

On Saturday evening I will be participating in the 3rd Annual Ithaca Festival Paint-off.  This is a total hoot of an event, where about 25 artists get in a big room and have exactly an hour to create a painting.  The room is also full of people wandering around eating and drinking and generally gawking at us while we paint...who doesn't like to see the process behind the art?...all the while a big clock on the wall counts down the minutes remaining.  There's something challenging and fun about having the deadline and the pressure that I thrive on.  After the hour is up, while I wander around in a post-creative daze clutching a beverage, there's a raffle and auction of the fresh art to benefit the Ithaca Festival.  Please come if you can, it's in the atrium of Center Ithaca on Saturday, doors open at 7:00, painting starts at and drink and live music too.  $15 at the door.  

This was my painting two years ago at this event.  Yup, just an hour.

Then there's a reception and art party on Sunday evening at 6:00 at the ABC.  I hear the show looks great.  That party is free, and doesn't benefit anyone but us.


TheColorTree said...

Hey, Christi! Just found your blog through Gary (that virtual social butterfly). Looks great! See you perhaps at the ABC reception (haven't decided if I can go yet).

Christi said...

Hey Werner! Thanks for joining in the virtual blog party! I will see you tomorrow if you're there (obvious statement, no?)