Monday, February 9, 2009

An hour well spent

I can't help but think that I should spend an hour every day painting....

Here's my painting from Saturday evening's one-hour "paint-off."  It's done with acrylic and pen, a combination I've found to be very trustworthy and quick-drying.  It's a very interesting experience to create art while people are watching, it defines for me more the legendary phenomenon of being "in the zone."  I was actually able to completely ignore everything around me and concentrate.  All the buzz turns into white noise and it's almost easier than working at home in my nice quiet house, with all those distractions like suddenly having a burning desire to clean under the sink, go check for eggs, or writing for my blog.   This reminds me of why I used to take my work to coffeeshops.  At the same time, it was exhausting making art that intensely.  You could see all the artists reeling afterwards, and sneaking out the back door before the party was over.

There are a lot of talented artists in my community, and it was a pleasure to play with them for an evening.  I'm glad also that the painting went home with friends.

It turned into a very busy weekend in general, lots going on.  Amongst other things, I ate at my favorite restaurant while in disguise (Just a Taste, mmm mmm yummy, those garlic braised greens are dreamy), walked into a scary karaoke party when I thought it was going to be a salsa dance, cleaned the chicken coop (less interesting but necessary), went to the ABC art reception, and started taking a tango class.

Tonight I start teaching watercolor, must go prepare.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

how was the ABC thing, and you're teaching watercolor????????????

Christi said...

ABC was all the local arty luminaries (except you of course), and looked to be a fun time. I was only there briefly, it was a very busy day with multiple disparate activities. And yes, I teach a little sometimes, quite a lot this month. There's a colored pencil class too, and at the end of Feb a pen and ink class in Philadelphia.