Tuesday, July 14, 2009

At the Smart Monkey

Hey, I keep forgetting to let you (faithful readers and those who happen to be browsing here) know that my art is up at the Smart Monkey Cafe this month!  I'm downstairs, and Alice Muhlback is upstairs.  Or at least her art is.  These are many of the new paintings from the Korova show from earlier in the year, those fun little lino block prints, plus a few others from the archives.  But this time you can view them while eating tasty local organic food.

And while I'm making a sort of business-y post, I should mention the upcoming Artists' Market on July 31st, a Friday evening from 2-8 PM, down at the Farmers' Market pavilion.  It's a beloved Ithaca tradition, and this year the Friday evening time is different and allows the market to expand.  There will be 60 juried artists (me included), plus food, wine, chocolate, music, etc.  Please come.

On the gossipy front, the new chickens are settling into the flock with a minimum of fuss, and I am still working really really long hard days, because next Monday I fly off to California to spend 10 days in the backcountry in Yosemite (and I can barely wait)!

(here's me this afternoon at the Smart Monkey)