Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday is the new Tuesday

Ahhh, Friday evening, with the car all loaded up for market, the to-do list all crossed off, all the laundry and dishes done, and a sense of accomplishment after another week of working flat out.  I'm compressing five weeks of work into three because of my upcoming travel friends and family are probably considering sending out a search party because I've just been in non-social work zone.   Although with market tomorrow, my Friday night is like a normal person's, say, Tuesday night.

This weekend is a big capoeira event in NYC, a batizado, and many of the people in my group are going.  I'm sad to be missing it!  

I printed the Farmageddon shirts yesterday on the porch, they all turned out well.  Here are some photos of the process and the end result.  I find the most important thing is to keep my hands clean, so there aren't any smudgy fingerprints in random places on the shirts.

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Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

hey, you have silk screen stuff, yeow!