Saturday, April 3, 2010

Little cherry blossom icons in my head

I'm staggering with post-market exhaustion right now...gone, gone away are my Saturday nights of fun for the rest of the year. It was a perfect warm day, and hordes of what my brother would call punters were out for the first day of the Farmers' Market. I realized two things:
1) I need to restructure my booth display, and
2) my market customers are the nicest people in the universe.

Last night's Paint Off was awfully fun too. A big room full of people creating art at the same time is a beautiful thing. There's a lot of good energy in that situation. Personally, I appreciate following the thread of thought that starts with seeing what I can make in a hour of concentrated work and ends with wondering why I don't do that more often. Here's the end result (acrylic on board), inspired by burgeoning springtime and these little cherry blossoms icons that have been running through my head lately. The extra-good bit is that my awesome friend Scott came to hang out with me at the event, and then he won a raffle ticket and ended up taking my painting home.

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Gallow said...

Your painting is amazing as always, but this photograph of your painting is so cool on the table. To my eye the branches seem to continue right into the table top.