Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cute blond chicks

Not that I usually stoop to racy titles or posting photos of cute baby animals to bring people in to read my blog...but here are some fresh new Golden Comet chicks! I'm splitting a batch of new chickens with a friend who wishes to establish a small flock, and they are all installed in their cozy brooder box up the road at his house. I'd like two more laying hens, since sweet Clara is too old and traumatized to lay anymore, and Harold the freeloader obviously doesn't pull any weight in the egg department. Looking forward to watching them grow up.

Otherwise, I'm in a big deadline push. Vacation was wonderful, and the return was a little panic-filled once I realized how many projects I have afloat. Am heading out of town again in two weeks, and all of my projects are on deadlines that require completion before I go. One client gets 12 paintings (will post about that in a few weeks), one more custom wedding announcement, and a wedding ketubah (which is almost done and looks gorgeous). All this to say, if I don't answer the phone or your email, don't be surprised because I'm spending all my time in the studio slowly but steadily chipping away.

"Chipping away" makes me think of that scene in the Phantom Tollbooth (love that book) where the faceless time-waster guy has Milo try to drill through a mountain with a pin.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

I REMEMBER PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH! With the pic of Milo and the dog on the cover :)
Harold the freeloader is like Heff, isn't he? Hanging around all the babes...
btw just blogged you, ever so slightly :)

Liz said...

they are sooo cute! we have golden Comets as well! Chickens are soo funny