Monday, May 24, 2010

In which I use the word "festooned"

I'm on break from the kitchen, waiting on the cinnamon roll dough to rise. And it's too early to make the peanut sauce for dinner. Which all goes to say that I'm still at Au Sable, and on the verge of cooking a Thai dinner for 30 people tonight. They are getting pad thai, chicken with ginger, fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce, Thai iced tea, and tropical fruit with sweet coconut milk. And tomorrow morning they get homemade cinnamon rolls. Just to make everyone miss when I go back home.

Meet my favorite birch tree, over there to the right.

Usually I spend a lot of time in the woods when I'm up here, but this year....well, there's a tent caterpillar infestation going on, and walking or biking on the narrow trails in the forest is an extremely sticky and unpleasant affair. All those little caterpillars hanging over the trails by little threads, glistening in the sunlight like...oh I don't know, a metaphor escapes me right now. One comes out completely festooned with webs and bugs and bits of leaves. I'm not all that squeamish, but still prefer to avoid caterpillars in my hair.


Stick with Mary said...

I love that word! We play this word game sometimes and I am always looking for a word that others might not guess. That's it! Glad they don't read your blog.

JE said...

Birches rock!