Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Made for walking

Just finished a bespoke Wingtips project, taking a pair of well-loved black cowgirl boots to the next level.  I approached this with much trepidation, since the person who owns the boots was very fond of them, but they turned out great and I'm hoping they wear well.  Her directions were to use bold colors and to include a butterfly.

In other gossipy news, we had an earthquake yesterday!  Not that I noticed, I was either in the car or the shower and completely missed it.  Bummer.  I have no desire to experience a big LA or Haiti style quake with collapsing bridges and parking garages, but I would really, really like to feel a minor quake to see what it's like.  Upstate NY is pretty darned stable, geologically speaking, so thankfully any earthquakes that come our way are pretty mellow.  I have been chuckling over this link of damage photos.  However, I DID get to experience a thunderstorm of Biblical proportions last week, and swear that lightning almost struck the house.

My show at Rasa Spa is coming down next week.  I've been happy to be their artist for almost a year, and love being part of such a lovely place.  If you wish to see the show, please be sure to go in the next few days.

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Brewers Union Local 180 said...

My favorite is Number 11. The posted note on the floor is good too.