Friday, August 5, 2011

Trying to get some work done around here

Happy Friday y'all!  That means I'm heading into my work week.  I'm once again freshly back from a nice time at Forked Lake, the annual trip with great friends.  We've been doing that for ohhhh almost 20 years now!  We're starting to feel like old timers there.

Today is a good working day.  I was up early and threw all the camping laundry in to clean while eating breakfast.  This being a somewhat ideal day, the breakfast process involved at least a half hour with my tea and book and cat on the lap before actually starting with the real day.  Once the Earl Grey settled into my system, I was off to a running start.  Had the car packed up for tomorrow's market by 10:30, and dove into some paperwork and bills and other odds and ends of business administration and mucking about on the internet for the rest of the morning.  Working on being able to accept credit cards again.  After lunch it was up to the studio to finish the preliminary sketch of a wedding certificate (it involves apples).

Now that it's not as hot out, I'm enjoying being in my studio again (which is waaaay upstairs and gets afternoon sun).  Here's a photo of my working space today.  I know I've posted a million photos of my various cats in various invasive places, but I still think it's funny.

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