Monday, August 15, 2011

A wedding certificate

It's raining and cloudy in Ithaca today, and for once I'm actually happy about it.  You may never hear me saying that again, so take note!  Taking the morning to putter around, and the gloomy skies make me glad to be inside with no pressure to go outside and run or mow the lawn or participate in some other energetic activity.  I will probably also spend some time with my book today (once again sucked into the GRR Martin series in preparation for reading the 5th book that just came out), before waiting tables tonight.

Busy week last week, buckling down to some freelance work while gorging on Radio Lab podcasts.  Remember the photo last week of my cat sitting on the desk while I was trying to work on a Quaker-style wedding certificate?  Here's the finished, cat-free, product. I'm pleased with the end results and so was the bride.  She's from a family who makes delicious hard cider, and the groom is the son of a winery family.  Pen and watercolor on 300 lb hot press paper.

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Gary's third pottery blog said...

OH CHRISTI, gosh, love your work!