Friday, May 1, 2009

Real mail

I got some real mail this week, cards and letters and art from friends, written in their own handwriting and sent to my mailbox from their hand to mine.  It's such a pleasure to see something handwritten nestled in with all the stuff that goes straight to the recycling bin, a little nugget of gold amongst the dross, if you will forgive me a tired metaphor.  It shows that a friend was thinking of me, and sat down and spent the time to write.  A real letter is meant to be read slowly and savored.  

Understand that I am a big fan of text messaging and email too.  Who doesn't like some instant gratification and the fun and convenience of quick communication?  But I also appreciate the calm and thoughtful pace of real mail.  As an artist, I also love illustrating my letters, and sharing art and other wee treats that can be put in an envelope.  Sure, you can scan something and email it, but it's not the same.  Sometimes the old school has it right, and it would be sad if letter-writing went the way of typesetting and penmanship.

This really isn't just a shameless plug for my notecard business, although it makes me very happy when I think that my cards are being used for thoughtful communication.  I often wonder what mailboxes they'll end up in, what messages they'll carry...

Ha ha ha!  I just had the thought that my brother's business is real ale, and my business is real mail.  Must run in the family.

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Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

give me your address some day and I shall doodle you a card too! We love your illustrated cards and have a bunch in the drawer now.