Friday, May 22, 2009

Virtual reality

I often wonder who reads all this stuff I write here?  What's up with the blogging and twitter movement?  It's kind of like reality TV, only real people's lives.  Then there's the Wii phenomenon, not actually playing the real sport with real people, but playing a virtual version.

Hmmm, I'm developing a theory here as I type...Perhaps our culture encourages us to be more and more isolated in our little universes (individual homes, cars, etc), although we're really kind of meant to be social creatures.  So since we get less and less time with real people, we make up for that with more and more time with virtual people, reading about their lives and feeling involved that way.  Feeling like you're participating in the world but not having to actually do so.  Or maybe I'm just making that up. 


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I READ THIS! And I live down the street from you and see you in person sometimes.
I dunno, your theory? Any friendly connection, face to face or otherwise, has to be good for ya, don't ya think?
btw, those eggs were stupendous :)

Mark Reep said...

What I value most about the arts online is being allowed insight into such a spectrum of experience and approach. There's always something new to learn, and it seems whatever the media, process, etc, something usually translates or inspires.

That, and those randomly generated word verifications you have to type in- Some of those are pretty cool too :)