Sunday, May 10, 2009

To do

Lit up the wood stove again this afternoon, after sitting in the cold stiff breeze winging off the lake most of the day down at the market.  I like Sunday evenings, a little reprieve before the regular week kicks in.  Perhaps you wonder just what we self-employed people do all day...possibly lay about, eating bon-bons and doting on my cats?  Let's dispel that illusion.  Here's a sampling from this week's to-do list:

1) fill two wholesale card orders
2) create a painting and design a custom thank-you card for a client
3) get some exercise!!!!
4) spend a day cutting mats and framing (including placing a frame order), update bin o' art for my market booth
5) fill out, choose images, and submit Artists' Market application
6) paperwork: banking, accounting, invoices, business-related emails, blog
7) finish folding cards I got back from the printer last week, and see if I need anything else printed this week
8) deal with vacuuming (yikes! this needs doing!), wash dishes, make food, etc
9) fun field trip to Syracuse with Gary and Ben!
10) design a new business card for me

Actually that's not too bad.