Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Changing my focus

I am deep in a sea of paperwork this week, working on taxes.  Always a big grumpy process when pursuing a self-employed life that doesn't fit tidily into the 1040EZ track.  But instead of complaining about financial frustrations and capoeira injuries (am hobbling), I'm going to make a list of ten things I'm happy about.  

1) My show looks "awesome and professional," in Ben's words.  I trust his judgement, and was happy to hear that.  Had much fun there on Friday too!

2) I've rediscovered how much I love love love Patrick O'Brian's novels, which I've been re-reading.  All those seafaring tales of Jack and Stephen, so funny and fascinating.  I love dreaming about those tall ships and blue-water sailing.  Must dedicate a whole blog entry to them sometime.

3) That coconut milk ice cream is fantastic, and it has no dairy or "sugar."  Flavored green teas are also good, especially Japanese green phoenix pearls.

4) Getting real letters in the mail.  You know who you are, thanks!

5) New music!  My brother let me troll through his collection when I was in Oregon.

6) We've had several sunny days in a row, joy.  Also, it now stays light until about 7:30 in the evenings.

7) My beautiful etching press has arrived!  Been waiting since last August.  Soon I will be set up for printmaking in my basement.

8) My woodstove is a perpetual source of joy, especially in these lingering chilly days.  I don't need to be cold ever.

9) I really love capoeira on so many levels.  The occasional injury is just part of the process and just lets me know I'm alive, aye?

10) Men who can dance are another source of joy.  All boys should learn at a young age that dancing is NOT for sissies...quite the oposite.  In fact they will totally impress the chicks if they can dance.  There's nothing quite as dreamy as a good lead.

Anything you can add to the list?  Would love to hear it.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

wow, coulda learned dancing 30 some years ago and missed my chance...but then again, I got my lady WITHOUT dancing....
I am happy about the sunshine too, totally glorious, and happy as usual about making things--esp. excited right this afternoon about making a cookie jar with a blue cat and yellow dog with blue spots on top......(why not???)
Me and the missus gotta check out your show at Korova too, glad its going well.

Christi said...

Thanks Gary! I appreciate your comments a lot. Your cookie jar sounds groovy, glad you're on a cat kick now...