Thursday, March 19, 2009

Give or Take

I'm finding the return from the west to be a little rough.  It's hard enough getting up early and being cheerful and productive in the morning on a normal day, but when it's compounded by your body thinking that it's actually 3 hours earlier...suffice to say that my brain has gone rather pear-shaped for much of this week.

I've been focused on getting ready for the Korova show, and everything as of this writing is set to go except for naming the new paintings and making the labels.  Here's another of those paintings, this one has a name: Give or Take.  It's acrylic, on a board recycled from my dad's collection of wood that "might come in useful someday," and I love how the beat-up wood colors add so much to the piece.  Especially like the fingerprints at the bottom, behind the hand.  Interestingly, this painting revisits an old sketch of mine from the college days.  These new paintings came out so fast, I think I tapped into what I call my personal bones and enigmatic birds and trees that are vaguely human and stars and skies. 

I am also hanging a few older paintings that fit thematically, and a handful of small linoleum block prints. 

So I'm sending out the word that tomorrow (Friday) night there will be an informal gathering at Korova starting at 9:00, not an official reception but a change to hang out, see some art and enjoy a beverage perhaps if you wish...I hope to see my capoeira friends there!  If any of you fine readers are around, please stop by. 

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Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Crapola! I love Korova, but 9 is so late for an old married guy like me ;) I shall visit the show and their beers as soon as possible......
bought a small collection of your cards on Wednesday--lamb and lion and the red gecko!