Sunday, March 1, 2009

Temporary comas, etc

So usually winter is when I get to hang out by the woodstove, read lots of books, ski in the woods, travel, organize my life, do fun things with friends on weekends like a normal person, listen to smart and amusing NPR shows on Saturdays, etc.  However, this February which just ended has been the busiest one on record.  

I got back from a quick trip to Philadelphia on Friday (in my NEW CAR!).  I was there mostly for work, but enjoyed a bonus visit with my dear friend Laura, back from Indonesia and other trips around the world.  The pen and ink class went well, there were a few moments where all of the students were completely silent because they were all concentrating so much on their drawings...I took that as a good sign.  Thanks to Jake and Charles for being my roadies and support crew.  This class marked the end of an intense string of teaching, which was fun but exhausting.  After running so hard for several weeks in a row, I slipped into a temporary coma and slept for 12 uninterrupted hours on Friday night.

The new paintings are still flowing, six are done, one is still not working, and I hope to have at least one more done before boarding that westbound airplane tomorrow.  Oh yeah, and I have to pack too.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

new CAR!
Oregon, HO!

Christi said...

It's a Subaru. Guess I'm a real Ithacan now.