Friday, March 13, 2009

Good Time Charlie... the name of a black diamond trail I peered at today while skiing at the Willamette Pass ski area.  It's a sheer cliff plunging towards a lake.  The trails out here are a whole different world from, say, Greek Peak.  Two mile intermediate runs, views of big snowy mountains, 1500' elevation change from the lodge to the top of the highest trail.  I've been a cross-country skier since the tender and impressionable age of four, but this downhill thing is fairly new (mostly because it's a fairly pricey habit for a self-employed artist).  Last year I accidently dropped a pole off the lift (oops, heh heh, silly me), and through that learned I was a better skier without poles.  

Vacation is winding to an end.  I'm starting to think about what has to be done when I get back home, but trying to not let too many thoughts of taxes loom in.